Bio & Statement



Shauna Lan La is an LA-based fine artist whose work is collected internationally. She has studied at Columbia College in Chicago and with Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  Living in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina, she traveled throughout the US working as an RF engineer before moving to California and focusing on her artwork in 2006.  La utilizes the contrast of smooth and rough as well as the dichotomy of black and white to address philosophical concepts.  She continually seeks new methods of exploring existence through art.


For me, existence is about creating, exploration, movement and especially attuning myself to energies and frequencies that are not immediately obvious or easy to understand and perceive.  My process involves observing physical characteristics such as colors, sensations, tastes and smells as well as occurrences that are not necessarily explainable in conventional ways like lucid dreaming or meditation.   All of this blends together into a fantastic maelstrom that inspires me to create. 

In one series, I use paint and collage elements to build rough surfaces full of texture, adding and stripping away layers using palette knives to reveal prior layers underneath mostly white canvases, sometimes enriching the amalgam with cement.  Afterwards, the pieces are finished with charcoal and paint.  While the whitewashed textured surfaces of my artwork represent our limited perceptions of reality, the charcoal and gestural lines are like cryptic messages we sometimes receive.  The multiple layers beneath surfaces of my paintings symbolize the unknown, things we might only see, feel or experience in glimpses, and if we so choose, are available to us to reflect on and contemplate.

In my more minimalist work, by taking away superfluous color, one can focus solely on the physical realization of each intention. Just like our radiating fields of energy have an impact upon the universe, the brushstrokes are not flat and lifeless. Rather, each stroke moves and shapes its surrounding, pushing and merging within the realms of the space. The impressions left behind are reminders of the power of our intangible thought and energy to influence our surroundings and of our responsibility for every impression, each imprint formed by our intentions.